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8th November 2011

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New UNIT Costume Resources

For a few years, I’ve been cosplaying as new UNIT for a few Doctor Who and non-DW conventions. A few people have asked if they can join me as new UNIT, so I’ve prepared this guide of my costume pieces.

For years, I’ve been going by Lt. Brian Carver. That changes this year. I’m doing my own name. Still a Lieutenant, though. I don’t want to be horribly influential or important. For your character, you can choose any ranking you feel adequate.

I created my own version of the UNIT ID. It’s not canon, but I like it. For those with Photoshop, I can paste a location later for the PSD file. Here’s a PNG of the front and back:

Front: http://dl.dropbox.com/u/29329110/UNIT%20Badge_front.png

Back: http://dl.dropbox.com/u/29329110/UNIT%20Badge_back.png

I usually buy self-laminating pouches at an office supply store. These images are made to print at 300dpi and are about the size of a credit card. I’ll upload the Photoshop PSD file when I’m near my external drive.

The QR code, when scanned, reads back the little ID number I created in the bottom. You can create your own readable QR code here: http://qrcode.kaywa.com/ and save it out for use in the ID, however you create it on your own.

Got the black BDUs from here:


Tactical vest:


Small UNIT patch:


Larger UNIT patch:


Template for the UNIT ID from DeviantArt:


Personalized and generic UNIT IDs (scroll down for Add to Cart buttons):


The beret is a red, military beret similar to this one with one of those smaller UNIT patches ironed on: http://www.villagehatshop.com/military_beret_red.html

Name tapes (white on black):


The UNIT patches are hard to come by, so if you can score a few, I recommend getting as many as you can. I just bought a few while I was at the Las Vegas Star Trek convention, but I don’t know where I put them…

And the rifle is an M4A1 Carbine airsoft rifle and was quite pricey. If you can find/make something cheaper, I’d go with that. I usually don’t carry the rifle at con because it’s heavy and cumbersome, and I’m usually working. I use velcro on the name tapes to adhere them to the tactical vest, same for all the UNIT emblems on my tactical vest. For the next version of my costume (just buying a new shirt since mine is fading), I’m going to iron on the emblems.

I’m open to alternatives, but this is just what I used to get my costume going.

Also, as usual, I’ve formed a Facebook Group for the UNIT Soldiers of Gallifrey One.

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