When the bulb goes out and darkness envelopes, most people replace the bulb.

Most people. But I've been taught this is wrong. I report the darkness. Perhaps it'll be replaced, maybe it's a feature, and maybe the light will be dim and blue.

Oh, wait. The switch was off. My name is Lee. Thanks for visiting.

18th August 2014


Random Lee Fact #112

My memory does not retain anything that isn’t significant. If I haven’t done anything on a particular day that is outside of the routine, I simply don’t remember that day.

Case in point: I don’t remember my 22nd, 24th, 26th, 27th, 29th birthdays. I don’t remember most Saturdays. I can never recall what I’ve done during the week.

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24th June 2014

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This Is The One "Cards Against Humanity" Card The Creator Regrets Making →

First of all, the “T” in LGBT is TRANSGENDERED not transvestite. There are straight transvestites. These are people that like to wear opposite gendered clothing and generally dress themselves as the opposite gender. They’re usually not people that want to be the opposite gender.

Second, don’t make this kid out to be a hero. The game is MEANT to be offensive and upsetting. If you can’t take playing it as an EVERYTHING GOES, then you shouldn’t be playing it. It’s a fucking game about offensive things that tend to be funny. Yes there are Date Rape and Holocaust and anti-gay and racist and sex acts and murder and what-have-you in it, but most people know that going in. And that’s what makes it funny. You’re not meant to take any of it seriously. If you do, you’re a fuck-ass.

Third, I don’t have a third. I’m just a gay man in his underwear getting ready for work and being fucking upset that this 19 year old internet karma whore managed to get the creators of the best game ever to agree that “passable transvestites” was a bad card. Fuck you.

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14th June 2014


24th May 2014


Blue Apron: Korean Stir-Fried Beef Chapchae from Recycled Sushi on Vimeo.

I was hungry again and decided to make the Korean thingy. It’s also been censored, so yay!

23rd May 2014


Just once, I want a description next to a painting in a museum to read, “One can really see the panic in the brush strokes, evident that the painter waited until he was in his car at the parking lot at school to start and finish his masterpiece half an hour before it was due. He was graded a C-. This painting was purchased at auction for $2 million because we have money to squander on bullshit.

Cursory oil on slightly dirty and ripped canvas. “

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